LeadCold Power

The beauty of nuclear power is that with a minimum of resources, it can produce a maximum of utility for humankind. By recycling the ashes of super-nova explosions, we may enjoy cleaner air, better education, health-care and more time for the small things that make life worth living.

Nuclear power is already now safer than any other mode of generating electricity on large scale. Generation IV reactors promise to use the uranium we have mined a 100 times more efficiently, while producing a 100 times less long lived high level waste than reactors of today. They should also eliminate any need for evacuation, should a severe accident occur.

We believe that the use of lead coolant is the safest and most efficient way to achieve the goals of Generation IV. For this purpose, LeadCold has designed a very small reactor that ensures reliable and safe production of power for sites where evacuation can never be an option. Enter SEALER - the Swedish Advanced Lead Reactor.

LeadCold Reactors Stockholm AB 2015